¡Primaria! (Download)

¡Primaria! as a digital download.

We are pleased to be able to offer this HD 1080p downloads of the film (between 3 and 4 GiB) and forced English subtitles.

NOTE: Noel Films does not receive financial support from any entity of production company. Donations and sales like these are our only way of ensuring a future film. Thus, we thank you greatly for your support, and ask you to please avoid posting the downloaded file onto the internet, even to friends. Our future films depend on this. Thank you!

The $10 includes a $2.50 bandwidth charge per film paid by Noel Films

Each link is limited to ONE DOWNLOAD ONLY. If you are using a download manager, please make sure that it is set to only make 1 request, or the download will fail permanently. If you have problems let us know, and (if our server logs confirm a failed download) we will issue you with a new link.

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